What Mineox is All About

You know what Mineox does.

Now learn why we do what we do - and brains who make it possible.

A Tale of Mineox

Mineox began as a smartphone application for controlling mining rigs, which our founders used to manage their mining farms. Our founders have discovered that the majority of individuals want to start mining crypto to make some additional money, but are unable to do so due to the high cost of mining rigs and the knowledge required to set them up.

Eventually, the concept grew into a painkiller, and with the help of technology and artificial intelligence, the bulk of people's basic needs were met. Developing a user-friendly, energy-efficient programme that allows anyone to start mining crypto money on the move. Making it a one-of-a-kind app that meets all of the requirements.

Later on, as the team grew from two people to over a dozen, we converting our MVP into a finished product and adding many upgrades to the original concept.